inspired by Scandinavian artists

The Dutch band MELPHI presents a smooth blend of soul and songs with character, inspired by contemporary Scandinavian pop music. A groovy and edgy band characterized by a singer with an amazing voice. Their debutalbum “Through The Looking Glass” is out now! With this album, they take you into their world, and share the way in which MELPHI views situations.



In the sequel to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland written by Lewis Carroll, Alice ponders what the world is like on the other side of a mirror’s reflection. Like Alice, MELPHI views situations from a different angle. Step through the mirror, enter MELPHI’s world and look at it from their perspective. A world in which they share common interests in music, people, or more worldly themes. Like Alice, step through the looking glass, and be welcomed in the world of MELPHI.


Releases by SnipRecords on

01. Fall
02. Crossroads
03. Nowadays disaster
04. Never give all the heart
05. hoping
06. not this time
07. Slow motion
08. Can't get home
09. Delirium
10. Last night
11. Love

Untitled EP

Independent release on

01. Drown in the grey
02. In the end
03. When he lays his head to rest
04. How to forget
05. I know


MELPHI was founded in 2010 by pianist Rogier Telderman who was looking for a tasteful balance between musical freedom and catchy songs, he found a perfect match in singer Lotte van Drunen who gave the band a healthy amount of soul. The bands name is derived from the television series ‘The Sopranos’, similar to character doctor Melfi singer Lotte stands her ground while surrounded by men. MELPHI impressed with their EP in 2011, and one year later Melphi was proclaimed winner of the DuvelVibes Challenge. In 2014 they present their debutalbum “Through The Looking Glass” with the label SnipRecords.

Lotte van Drunen


Lotte is definitely the heart and soul of the band. With her amazing voice, she sings and writes what is on MELPHI’s minds. According to Lotte, MELPHI is unique in the way they create an intimate connection between the band and its audience.

Rogier Telderman


Rogier writes most of the band’s music, and is the driving force behind the scenes. In Rogier’s world, soulful compositions can easily coexist with catchy popsongs, and complex rhythms mingle effortlessly with a simple waltz. Always searching and working on new ideas, he also challenges the band with odd rhythms and out-of-the-box melodies.

Jurriaan Dekker


Jurriaan tries to maintain the difficult balance between playing functional to the song and playing freely. During the songwriting proces, Jurriaan focusses on the energy within the song and the overall bandsound. Also, if you want to have an in-depth conversation: Jurriaan is your go-to-guy!

Willem van der Krabben


Willem brings lots of positive energy to the band. Besides writing some beautiful tunes, Willem’s focus lies on creating music which is danceable. By means of our music, he wants to connect with the audience and have a good time.

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